Your bathroom is desperately in need of a makeover, but you are also on a tight budget. It seems the bathroom of your dreams is always out of reach. You may not get everything you wish for, but you can update the area without blowing your budget. All it takes are a few simple ideas and some creativity.

Work With What You Have

Take a look at what you have in your bathroom and what you can afford to change. You may have to forego marble countertops, but there are other things you can update.

Create a list of what you want to change and compare it to your budget. Now you have an idea of what you can afford to update.

The next step is to use your imagination and start working on your new bathroom.

Update the Walls

Changing the wall color is an inexpensive way to give the space a fresh, new look. It is also relatively inexpensive just make sure the paint you choose can handle humidity and moisture.

White and lighter shades are a great way to brighten up small spaces. Bathrooms with plenty of natural light can go for darker shades. It will make the room seem cozier while also defining the space.

If you are feeling creative, paint an accent wall. It works great in larger master baths.

Another option is wallpaper. It is back in vogue, adding wallpaper above to the ceiling of a powder room is an easy way to freshen up an outdated space.

Swap Out the Old Fixtures

It’s amazing what new fixtures will do for a room, and there are plenty to swap out in your bathroom.

Replacing drawer pulls is inexpensive, and you have plenty of options to choose from. You can find vintage handles, modern ones, and everything in between. Along with your local hardware stores, check out antique shops. You never know what you will find.

Think about replacing your existing lights. Are you tired of the dated dome light in the ceiling? You can easily replace it with another fixture. It only takes a little wiring, but it is best to call a professional anytime electricity is involved with a remodel. Retro light fixtures are in style, and you won’t have a problem finding some at a price that fits your budget. 

Don’t forget the doorknobs and light switch panels. Replacing those with the other fixtures keeps the new look cohesive across the space.

Redo Your Existing Cabinetry

You may not be able to replace your bathroom cabinets or vanity, but you can give them a new look.

A little sanding, a fresh coat of paint, or varnish, and it will look like your replaced everything. Once you attach the new fixtures, you won’t recognize your old bathroom. 

Splurge on One Item

If your budget allows splurge on one item. It may be a new bathtub or a pricey vanity. Another idea is adding a sound system. It is cheaper than you may realize. You can replace your shower radio with something you can really sing along with.

Before you splurge, make sure it works with your space and budget. Need advice on how to remodel your bathroom? Schedule an appointment with OPO Interiors.