The choices can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right bedding for a season change so we’ve done the research for you! Check out this blog to create your perfect spring-summer bed for deep sleep.

Bedspreads, comforters, duvets… OY VEY!

With all of the bedding and pillow choices out there it can be hard to come up with the right combination to create a comfortable and beautiful bed for the season change.

Obviously, there are personal preferences on textures and style but in this blog, I’ll discuss how to create an overall super comfortable, white, light, and airy bed which anyone would love to take a snooze on! (None of these products are affiliated or sponsoring OPO Interiors, these links were chosen through research, reviews, and personal use.)

Let’s start with the foundation, the mattress pad/toppers.

Who else is a hot sleeper? During the summer I find myself up all night, tossing and turning because I am just too hot. The worst part about it is I HAVE to sleep with a blanket of some sort on top of me. I know some people who will sleep blanketless, but I just don’t have it in me. Since this is an issue, I’ve done some research and what I’ve found is cooling mattress pads and toppers. Having a cool foundation will decrease the heat trapped under the blankets.

Lucid has a Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper which has amazing reviews that boast about “great night’s sleep” due to the breathability it provides. Not only is it breathable, it is low profile, which means you’ll be able to pull that fitted sheet over the top of it without the worry of waking up in the morning on your bare topper with your fitted bunched up near your feet.

Click on this photo to check it out!

An affordable alternative would be a mattress pad such as this one from JCPenny:

Moving on…

Let’s talk about sheets, baby!

Top star rating on Google goes to the Bamboo Lyocell Sheets from Ettitude! These reviews are phenomenal–there’s person after person saying they had an amazing nights sleep. One person said they thought that they’d never love ANY sheets however, they’ve fallen for these.

What’s on top of the sheets?

Some people may be fine with just a sheet but others may need a little weight on top of them to engage in a deep sleep. This is where it gets complicated… Do you go with a comforter? A quilt? A bedspread?! Goodness…

Personally, I’ve always loved a nice lightweight, summer duvet and my mind is blown when I look at the reviews for this $35 duvet from Amazon! Reviewers speak of the quality and silkiness of this piece, check it out:

Don’t forget the duvet cover!

You can have a light duvet and still get overheated due to the duvet cover that you choose. Not to throw Ikea under the bus, (because they have amazing products!) but I bought a chea-well, affordable cotton duvet cover from them last year. Night after night, I was waking up sweating!

I recently purchased a silky smooth Wamsutta duvet cover from Bed Bath & Beyond and I love it! Honestly, I don’t even use a top sheet during these warmer months now that I have this lovely duvet cover. The purpose of a duvet cover is the convenience, it allows you to skip the sheets if you’d like since you’re only washing a cover instead of a bulky comforter. You simply pull the cover off and pop it into the wash with no sweat (haha, get it?!) But really though, check out this duvet, I’ve tested it myself and I’ve been sleeping like a baby ever since.

One last thing, pillows.

Again, this is totally a personal preference. Some people like foam, some people like squishy, and some people like a pillow that’s hard as a rock. Here are two choices of cooling style pillows that the people love:

So there you have it, a comfortable, fluffy, don’t want to leave your bed in the morning combination!

If you ever need assistance with choosing the right bedding from a comfort or style standpoint, please give OPO Interiors a call, (443) 812-1806

Now, all of this talk about comfortable beds is making me sleepy, I’m off to take a nap!