Post by Kari Kennedy of Projector Top

With everyone hibernating in their homes for the COVID-19 season, people are starting to take a look around their homes and wonder, “What could I change about this interior?”

Homeowners are spending money on house projects like crazy these days for many reasons! Whether they want to upgrade or make their home comfy cozy doesn’t matter, all that matters is that they’re looking for a change and designers are aiming to help them make that change. 

Speaking of upgrades, kitchens just so happen to be at the top of that list; everyone’s looking around, eyeing new finishes and new material trends to place in their updated kitchen design scheme. The good news is that we have all the popular picks here, in this article!

So, what’s popular in 2021 for kitchen finishes and material trends?


Marble seems to make its way back to the trendy section all the time; homeowners get super excited for the veins and figuring represented in the material. The more, the better. 

It only helps that marble is now considered a high-end luxury style for kitchens all around. It’s sustainable and durable beauty can create the perfect contrast with other surfaces, including woods and metals. 

Kitchen islands, countertops, and sinks showcase marble the best!


Go big or go home – there are so many color combinations, unexpected and predictable, that you can put in your kitchen. Designers highly encourage mixing and matching appliances and flooring to bring out that burst of color. 

It doesn’t hurt that color can always be changed; if you want a temporary look, just buy some new appliances! If you want more of a permanent look, get some funky cabinets! The choice is yours.

If you want to go the easiest route, leave paint to the color dynamic. It’s easy and cheap to change. 


Walnut on cabinets is becoming a popular pick for the kitchen cabinets. This wood species is rich and dark in color, providing fine graining with a more natural warmth opposed to other woods. 

Walnut symbolizes luxury just like marble does, and in a modern way.


Gold finishes are popping up here and there, creating a name for themselves. Sinks are starting to pick up on the trend and we all know that a good sink can be a great focus in the kitchen if it’s done right.


Painted kitchens are super easy to repair, especially in comparison to outdated laminate kitchens (think: cabinetry/islands). 

If minor wear, tear, and aging start to show on cabinets and islands, the painted look won’t make the surfaces look old and rugged. In fact, such a natural thing could give the cabinets and islands character, looking better than when it was brand new. 

Not to mention that paint can transition any kitchen from traditional to modern. And there are so many color choices!


If you need a designer’s help, don’t hesitate to ask in this department. Mixing materials can be super fun, when done correctly!

For example, brass and steel pair well with marble. If you get the job done right, you’ll end up using your contrasting materials to naturally create zones in your kitchen, making every area visually pleasing and practical.

You can even add some electronics into the mixed materials design schematic! Start your search here to see what you come up with.


Both classic and calm, white will maintain the perfect clean look in your kitchen. Plus, the lack of color makes a room look bigger and brings more light inside. 

Bonus: White walls are great for potential buyers, if you’re looking to put your house on the market.