Nowadays, having a home office is essential. Check out this article on My Maid that OPO Interiors was featured in. The article gives tons of tips on decorating a home office on a budget. Here’s what OPO Interiors had to say,

“To decorate a home office on a budget, you’ll want to consider a few things before you get started. First, and most obvious, would be the dimensions of your room. To avoid costly mistakes, you will want to measure out your room and draw out a general floor plan. Make sure you think about where the air vents and electrical outlets are, this will be important when choosing where to place your furnishings.

As you start to find pieces of furniture, add them into your floor plan to scale, ensuring that you won’t purchase items that are the wrong size. The next thing you’ll want to do is to come up with an overall budget. Knowing your full budget is a must, you will want to reverse engineer by thinking about which pieces you can spend more money on.

For me, I would spend the most on the chair I was sitting in since I’m typically at my desk for hours at a time. For others, it might be the perfect desk to hold multiple computer screens or electronics. Next, you’ll want to consider which direction you want your desk to be concerning the flow of the room.

Another way to spruce up a home office on a dime is to change the paint color. Don’t put up just any color though, some warmer colors like reds and oranges are full of energy, which will keep you attentive, but they can also be straining to the eyes. Find a color that inspires you, not distracts you.

Finally, if you’re cutting costs for decorating your office, you should think about creating your artwork. There are many tutorials online to show you how to create paint on canvas that will really “wow!” Anyways, how cool would it be to have a piece of your artwork in your new office? So there you have it, a few tips to get you started on creating the perfect home office on a dime.”

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